About Bahrain

Kingdom of Bahrain, constitutional monarchy an archipelago in the Persian Gulf between the Qatar Peninsula and Saudi Arabia. The two main islands are Bahrain (the largest) and Al Muharraq, which are linked to each other and Saudi Arabia by causeway. The capital and chief port is Al Manamah. Flat and sandy, with a few low hills, Bahrain has a hot, humid climate. The economy has been based on oil, and oil revenues have financed modernization projects, particularly in health and education. Oil reserves are expected to be exhausted in the near future, however, and other industries such as shipyards and aluminum smelting have been established. Bahrain is an important financial center and the site of a major U.S. navy base. The majority of the populations are Muslim Arab Bahrainis, but other Arabs and Iranians, Indians.

Bahrain is a major trading hub and financial centre in the Middle East and is one of the UK's smallest export markets in the Gulf countries.

Strategically located in the Gulf with a causeway connection to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, Bahrain is seen as a gateway to the Gulf, a market of over 100 million people. Bahrain's diversity and openness continue to present opportunities for exporters. It has the most diversified economy in the Gulf.

Working in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain basks in the warm, clear and calm waters of the Persian Gulf and is an incredibly prosperous and multi cultural country becoming increasingly popular with professional expatriates seeking well paying employment in a low taxation country where the standard of living in Bahrain is incredibly high and the local people are liberal and tolerant towards other cultures.

Currently, it is in a transitional stage. A lot of development is taking place and there is a huge demand of skilled expatriate workers in Bahrain. This has led to a flood of job opportunities in infrastructure, construction, tourism, healthcare and Oil & Gas. Bahrain is an absolute monarchy and has a very conservative culture. It does not allow the expatriate workers to become a part of the permanent population. Thus, all foreign workers are hired on a contractual basis for a limited period of time. The country offers a luxurious and mostly safe lifestyle and good salary jobs.

Any expatriate worker who wishes to work in Bahrain requires a local sponsor. This is a must to visit Bahrain or live and work there. The term 'sponsor' refers to a sort of guardian or a guarantor who is required to undertake all administrative work and fulfill all formalities on behalf of the foreigner. It is the sponsor who applies for the work permit and the residential visa. Other formalities such as opening a bank account or signing a rental accommodation contract also take place through the sponsor only.

Bahrain is very strict about its sponsorship rules. It is an effective way for the authorities to control the flow of people in the country. The sponsor is totally responsible for the stay of the worker and the behavior of the worker while being in Bahrain. Bahrain as it is a conservative country with very strict laws of living.

Life in Bahrain

For those seeking employment in Bahrain, the latest economic figures bode very well. According to the United Nations Economic Council, Bahrain is the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. Although petroleum still accounts for 60% of the economy, the financial sector is increasing exponentially. Due to its modern communication and transport facilities, Bahrain has become home to a great number of multi-national firms. This has helped to diversify not only the economic base, but the population as well. Tourism, which is replacing oil as the hottest new industry in this region of the Gulf, is an increasingly large employer and promises to continue on that track. The capital city of Manama has most of the major hotels including the Ritz Carlton and Sheraton, and is home to the service industry of Bahrain. A Four Seasons is opening in the near future, which will add many more employment opportunities.

Arabic is the official language of Bahrain though English is widely used. Bahrain's primary religion is Islam.

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